Legal regulations

Only travelers who are natural persons, not having their place of permanent residence on the territory of the European Union, are authorized to get refund on tax on goods.

The traveler can demand a refund of tax paid on purchased goods if the minimum total value of shopping, together with tax, shown in TAX FREE document issued by the seller, is 200 PLN.

Export of goods can be made not later than the last day of the third month after the month of purchase.

Purchase of goods

Shop where you see the “TAX Free for tourist” sign and ask for a TAX FREE dokument with a receipt attached when you make your purchase.
Please consider that only GLOBAL BLUE and PREMIER checks will be refunded in cash at Chopin Airport.

Important tips

Please arrive at the airport no later than opening of check-in for the flight (for many long-haul flights check-in opens 3 hours before departure).

All claimed goods must be packed in your baggage or hand luggage.

If the items are in your baggage go to a check-in counter where you will obtain your baggage receipt tags and then go with your baggage to customs located landside (between B and C check-in zones).

If the items are in your hand luggage go to customs located after passport control. But if you are transferring via EU country (eg. Warsaw - Frankfurt - New York) items must be presented to custom office in the last EU country you pass through (Frankfurt in the cited case).

Export of goods

Show your purchases, receipts and your passport to customs and have your TAX FREE document stamped. Customs office is located in landside between B and C check-in zones and in passenger zone after passport control. Without stamped documents you won’t be able to obtain tax refundation.


You can collect refundation in cash at one of refund offices:

International Currency Exchange, departures hall, CDE check-in zone, Global Blue/Premier checks
International Currency Exchange, departures hall, passenger zone, Schengen flights, 05:00 – till last flight, Global Blue/Premier checks
International Currency Exchange, departures hall, passenger zone, non-Schengen flights, 05:00 – till last flight, Global Blue/Premier checks
Money World, arrivals hall, landside, 06:00 – till last flight, Global Blue checks

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for passengers
+48 22 650 42 20 phone is available 24h
seven days a week

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