Safety and Security Regulations

Regulation No 81 of General Director of "Polish Airports" State Enterprise of 01.07.2010 on the safety, security and public order regulations in force at Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport

Pursuant to Art. 82 par. 3 of Aviation Law Act of 3 July, 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2006 No. 100 item 696, as amended), Art. 5, paragraph 2 subparagraph 2 letter b of Act of 22 August,1997 on protection of persons and property (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 145 item 1221) and § 2 paragraph 1 subparagraph 9 letter h of the Annex to the Regulation of Council of Ministers of 19 June, 2007, on the National Civil Aviation Security Program pursuing the principles of aviation protection (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 116 item 803, as amended)

I hereby order the following:

§ l

In order to ensure security, peace and public order and civil aviation security within the area of Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport, ‘the Airport’ hereafter, all persons on its premises are obliged to comply with the provisions set out herein.

§ 2

At the Airport it is prohibited:

1) to leave luggage or other objects unattended. Luggage and items left unattended will be removed and may be neutralized by the authorized security personnel at the expense of their owners or users;

2) to carry in or hold inside the airport without appropriate authorization weapons, hazardous materials (flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive, poisonous or other items) that could pose a threat to civil aviation security and safety of persons or airport infrastructure. Any person carrying in or having the aforementioned materials or items in the airport will be charged with costs of disposal or possible neutralization thereof;

3) to beg, consume alcoholic beverages, smoke, and relieve oneself outside places designated for that purpose as well as pollute the Airport land or pursue a conduct in breach of the generally accepted standards or in a manner causing depravation, perform acts listed in the code of petty offences, indecent acts, post obscene text, use obscene words in public places;

4) for any person to stay at the airport premises if drunken or in a state indicating the abuse of a similarly acting substance, or if presenting an epidemiological risk;

5) to obstruct or prevent the use of facilities intended for public use;

6) to disturb peace and public order, hinder or prevent the airport staff or public order authorities from exercising their duties;

7)to bring animals into the passenger terminals, except in cases of such animal carriage by air or service dogs assisting people with disabilities.
All animals in the airport should remain under constant control of their owners or guardians and should be protected so as not to endanger the health or life of others or contaminate the Airport areas;

8) to carry out cash collections, business, advertising, canvassing or otherwise, without the consent or authorization of, the General Director, ,Polish Airports’ State Enterprise, Director of Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport;

9) to photograph or film the airport infrastructure or carry out surveillance of pyrotechnic or rescue operations, security control, passport or other documents control points without proper authorization of the airport operator or the competent authority executing such tasks;

10) to make unauthorized modifications or damage the facilities, equipment, devices or systems, or seize the property of ,Polish Airports’ State Enterprise;

11) to make use of the Airport facilities or area for a purpose other than intended;

12) to violate the provisions of the Act of 20 June, 1997, Law on Road Traffic (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 108 item 908, uniform text) or leave vehicles in places or in a manner inconsistent with the signs and information boards, to block the internal roads, or obstruct vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It is also forbidden to leave the vehicles that could endanger the Airport safety; such vehicles shall be removed and may be subject to inspection or neutralization by authorized services at the expense and risk of their owner or user;

13) to drive vehicles or move around the airport in a manner other than prescribed in the current Pass System Manual and Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Airport Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic Manual;

14) to circumvent or attempt to circumvent the security and access control, cross or force doors, fences, protective barriers or use the emergency door opening buttons where not justified.

§ 3

All persons staying in the airport are obliged to:

1) immediately inform the Border Guards, Police, Airport Security Guard employees of any unattended luggage or other objects as well as any facts affecting the security of the Airport or persons in the Airport;

2) follow the instructions given by and provide support to, the Airport or air carriers personnel performing their official duties;

3) to unconditionally follow the instructions of the Border Guards, Police, Airport Security Guard and rescue services (Medical Service and the Airport Fire Brigade) aimed at ensuring safety of persons, aircraft and airport facilities on preventive, safety, evacuation or rescue action.

§ 4

Anyone who, according to Art. 210, paragraph I subparagraph 7 of Aviation Law Act of 3 July, 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002No. 130 pos. 1112) acts "contrary to the prohibitions or warnings made publicly known by means of information signage or otherwise is in breach of orders and prohibitions laid down by the airport operator” shall be fined.

§ 5

The Police, Border Guard, Airport Security Guard and other airport services shall supervise the enforcement of this Regulation provisions.

§ 6

The Airport personnel shall exercise the control activities stipulated in this Regulation basing on an authorization document (Annex to this Regulation) by the General Director of "Polish Airports", State Enterprise and a valid identification badge/personal pass. Holders of the authorization documents are entitled:
  • to monitor compliance with the provisions of this Regulation as well as the national and international regulations on the safety and security of the civil aviation;
  • to conduct investigations in cases involving violation of this Regulation or the regulations on the safety and security of the civil aviation and/or summon other persons to appear and testify in any matters related to the pending investigation.

§ 7

Emergency telephones:
  • Border Guard post - 22 500 3507
  • Police station - 22 650 2582
  • Airport Security Guard - 22 650 1600

§ 8

Regulation No 114 of General Director of “Polish Airports" State Enterprise of 12.11.2008, on the safety, security and public order at Warsaw F. Chopin Airport, and Regulation No 89 as amended is hereby repealed.

This Regulation shall enter into force upon signature.

Michał Marzec
General Director
"Polish Airports" State Enterprise