No restraints on the operation of Chopin Airport are planned in connection with the upcoming „Ministerial Conference on Peace and Security in the Middle East” to be held between 12-15 February. However, passengers should expect additional security measures and difficulties in getting to the airport. We would like to ask all persons planning to visit the airport in the above period to allow more time for getting to the airport and follow the airport authority’s announcements on Chopin Airport website, as well as announcement published on an ongoing basis on social media.
Middle East conference in Warsaw – organizational information from Chopin Airport

Between 10-16 February border control is temporarily restored on the interior border. At Chopin Airport there will be random security checks of arriving passengers. Additional checkpoints will be set up at the airport, dedicated to handling Schengen traffic.
All travellers visiting Poland during this week may be asked to produce travel documents.  

Airport access – Passengers flying from Chopin Airport in normal passenger traffic (both regular and charter flights) should not directly feel the effects of increased security measures in the following days. Nevertheless, due to possible traffic constraints we encourage you to allow more time to get to the airport and advise you to use the access route from the direction of the Warsaw Express Ring Road („Lotnisko” node) or from Ursynów, via Poleczki street. Those using public transport should consider the train (SKM, lines S2 and S3 and Koleje Mazowieckie – RL).

Restrictions in the vicinity of the airport – near the airport please pay attention to temporarily placed signs. Parking bans are temporarily put up also in places where parking is normally allowed. This applies in particular to small streets and places around the airport (including the Cargo Terminal area and paths leading to the airport’s fence and). Cars parked next to a „no parking” sign can be towed.   

Safety in the terminal – It is important to remember that no bags should be left unattended at the airport. Persons who leave their baggage should expect possible consequences. We also encourage everyone to share any information about left packages or bags, or situations raising concerns, with state services or airport employees.

All spottersaviation enthusiasts should remember that no objects can be placed within 3 metres of the fence, let alone propped against the fence. This applies in particular to driving up to the fence with cars, placing ladders/boxes or other objects allowing to reach over the fence. We also ask you to report any irregular or harmful situations to the Police or the airport operator and to follow the instructions of officers of state services, who will be patrolling the area adjacent to the airport.

Drone operators are kindly reminded that using drones in the vicinity of the aerodrome is forbidden. Additionally, please check PANSA’s and CAA’s announcements for any other potential bands or limitations on using drones in the Warsaw area during the conference and prior to it.

Current news and announcements – due to the nature of the event and security issues the situation and valid restrictions may change. Current information on possible limitations at the airport will be posted as promptly as possible on our social media accounts:
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Additional information – more information concerning traffic constraints can be found on the city’s website:
Current flight information can be tracked on Chopin Airport’s website, under the Flight timetable  section: or in the mobile app.