Reducing noise nuisance during the night and improving night rest conditions. This was the main idea behind the introduction from Sunday, March 25 a ban on flight operations planning at night at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The ban applies on all days of the week between 11:30 PM and 5:30 AM and applies to all the flight operations. The exceptions are state, military, rescue or emergency flights. Airplanes delayed due to the reasons independent of the carrier will also be able to operate at the airport.
From March 25th Warsaw Chopin Airport imposes “core night”
The ban, already in force at some European airports, is above all an important gesture towards the residents living near the airport, who often complain about the inconvenient noise of aircraft taking off and landing.

- People from the neighbourhood of Chopin Airport have been waiting for this change for a long time. The introduced solution will increase the comfort of sleep of people living in the vicinity of our airport and will not affect the level of its capacity - says Hubert Wojciechowski, director of the Marketing and PR Office at Warsaw Chopin Airport. - Airport "core night" is an innovative idea in Poland, but it works well in other European countries - adds Hubert Wojciechowski.

The ban on flight operations planning at night is already in force at several European airports, including in Frankfurt, Munich, Paris-Orly, Brussels, Hamburg and Zurich.