According to the ACI report, Warsaw Chopin Airport was the best in terms of the increase in passenger numbers among EU airports, in group 2 (handling from 10 to 25 million passengers). In the classification covering all European airports (to which ACI also includes Turkey and Israel), Warsaw airport, with an increase of 22.7 percent, also took second place in group 2, ex aequo with the airport from St. Petersburg.
Warsaw Chopin Airport with the largest passenger growth among EU airports in 2017.
Warsaw Chopin Airport has been qualified to the group of "The Fast and the Furious", or 19 airports, with the greatest growth dynamics since 2012. Warsaw airport was among such airports as Berlin Schoenefeld, Lisbon, London Stansted, Athens, and Amsterdam Schiphol.

Last year's increase at Warsaw Chopin Airport means that almost 3 million more passengers than in 2016 have used its services. "Transfer traffic at our airport has increased by over 34 percent, or 1 million, which caused that its share in total traffic increased from 22 to over 24 percent during one year" - says Hubert Wojciechowski, Director of the Marketing and PR Office of the Warsaw Chopin Airport. "Almost 4 million passengers already use Chopin Airport as a transfer hub. Thanks to these results, our port has strengthened its leading position in the region. This confirms the need to build a large hub airport in this part of Europe. "