Regarding the upcoming political events taking place on July 5th-7th we do not anticipate any difficulties at Warsaw Chopin Airport. According to the information provided by the City of Warsaw, the access to the airport through Żwirki i Wigury Street may be temporarily impaired. Please pay close attention to the temporary markings and signs, especially regarding stopping and parking.
Chopin Airport during the Three Seas Summit and the visit of the President of the United States.

Passengers arriving and departing from the airport in a normal passenger traffic (both regular and charter) should not experience any difficulties.

City of Warsaw reports that from Tuesday (July 4th) stopping and parking on Żwirki i Wigury Street is prohibited, including designated parking spaces and sidewalks. The restrictions will be in force till the late night hours on Thursday, July 6th. The street itself will not be closed, but there will be disruptions linked to the movement of government motorcades. Therefore, we advise all those, who need to come to our airport in the coming days, to reserve more time for travel to and from the airport and to use a route from Ursynow, i.e. through Poleczki Street.

In the case of using public transport, we suggest the passengers to travel by train (SKM lines S2 and S3 and Mazovia Railways - RL).

Pay attention to temporary signs in the area of the airport. No stopping and no parking signs may be placed in the zones, where parking normally was allowed. This applies especially to lanes, streets and places around the airport (including the Cargo terminal area and access-ways to the airport fence and other alleys around the airport). Vehicles parked there may be towed away.

We must remind you, that it is prohibited to leave luggage unattended at the airport. Those, who leave their luggage, will face possible consequences.

Because of the character of the event and the security matters, the situation as well as restrictions may change. Current information about possible airport disruptions will be published, if possible, on our social media profiles:


For more information on the difficulties in commuting, visit the official Warsaw website:

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