On April 20th an agreement on cooperation for the benefit of people with disabilities between the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) and the ‘Polish Airports’ State Entreprise was signed under the auspices of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy - Mrs. Elżbieta Rafalska and the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled Persons - Mr. Krzysztof Michałkiewicz.
An agreement between PFRON and PPL
- This document is a part of the Partnership Program, which aims to improve the situation of people with disabilities in Poland. On one hand, it is easier for them to find themselves on the labour market so that entrepreneurs could picture them in their teams, and on the other hand, so that the state administration and the Treasury companies see their partners there, says Robert Kwiatkowski, President of the Fund.

 Until now, the Fund has signed agreements on activities for the disabled, inter alia, with Polish Post, Bank Pocztowy, Warsaw School of Economics, Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology and Polish State Television.

 The PFRON agreement with the ‘Polish Airports’ State Entreprise envisages, inter alia: the implementation of actions aimed at increasing the employment of people with disabilities, improving the architectural and functional accessibility of PPL facilities and services for people with disabilities, training of employees in dealing with people with disabilities regarding their employment, as well as the improvement of the quality of passenger services and the promotion of activities for the benefit of the disabled.

- We continually expand facilities for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility. We strive to eliminate any inconvenience and create the best working conditions in the future - assures Mariusz Szpikowski, the Director General of ‘Polish Airports’ State Entreprise, which manages Warsaw Chopin Airport.

 In 2015, as the first terminal hall in Poland, Warsaw Chopin Airport was certified as a BUILDING WITHOUT BARRIERS by the Integration Foundation. The airport has been recognized for facilitating the travel of all the persons with reduced mobility, as well as the deaf and the blind. In 2016, the airport was given the title of an IDOL among institutions and companies that are friendly to the blind for installing typhlographic maps, which facilitate finding one’s way the airport.