Chopin Airport has introduced a new organization of traffic on lanes in front of the departure hall. As a result of the change the number of parking spaces increases and passengers arriving at the airport by private cars have easier access to the airport terminal.
Change of traffic organization in front of Terminal A at Chopin Airport
Since the beginning of December, all cars may enter the roadway A (closest to the departure hall), which was previously reserved only for taxis. For private vehicles, just as before, lane B is also available. On both lanes new parking spaces were created, making their total number at increase from 34 to 89 (an increase of 162 per cent.). Lane C, the most distant one from the departure hall does not provide parking spaces and should be used to access the hotels or parking lots.

- On lane A, a car may stop on either side of the road. It is important to leave the middle part free, so the traffic is not blocked and other vehicles can access or leave the departure hall zone - says Grzegorz Kowalczyk, airport’s traffic engineer.

Drivers pulling up in front of the departure hall should note that on lanes A and B there is a “no parking” B-35 sign. The regulations allow a temporary stop of the vehicle in order to let out passengers and pick-up their luggage. The driver cannot go away from the vehicle and leave immediately after unloading the luggage. Cars left in the area for longer than one minute may be towed away at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

Car parking for a period longer than one minute is allowed in designated areas in parking lots located in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. Price lists of the parking lots were adapted to the needs of drivers and allow them to leave the car for shorter and longer periods - parking for up to 30 minutes costs only 5 zł.

- The aim of the changes we are making is to use the infrastructure in front of the departure hall the best, while paying attention to safety and traffic flow. We want every passenger to drive comfortably to the airport, and at the same time we want to avoid traffic jams and congestion at the terminal - explains Grzegorz Michorek, Director of the Commercial Division of Chopin Airport.

Changes in traffic organization are preparatory to the introduction of Chopin Airport Kiss & Fly zone, which for a long time was postulated by the passengers and institutions cooperating with the airport. The zone at the departures level will be launched in early January. More details will be announced soon.