From Wednesday, 1st of July 2020, the next stage of resuming air traffic is being implemented at Warsaw Chopin Airport. The activities of airport and security services will depend on the development of the epidemic situation in Poland, GIS guidelines and operational data on forecasted air traffic at the Warsaw Chopin Airport.
New check-in rules at Chopin Airport – update [1st July 2020]
Access to individual airport zones will be gradual, depending on real passenger traffic, acquired operational data on forecast air traffic, taking into account the current epidemiological situation in the world and in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

New rules of moving around a terminal

Departures - entrance

Persons welcoming or bidding farewell to passengers are forbidden to enter the terminal until further notice.
Access to Terminal A is restricted to passengers with a valid flight ticket on the day of entry to Terminal A, people who want to make at the ticket office of the air carrier, among others purchase of an air ticket, submitting a complaint, postponement of a reservation, people assisting PRM or UM people who are not passengers, people going to offices (including Custems, Border Guards, air carriers, entities operating on the terminal), persons being clients of entities conducting service and commercial activity in the area managed by PPL.

Passengers enter via three designated entrances in the CDE zone and two entrances in the AB zone. There are two entrances / exits for staff at level 100 - zone AB and CDE.

To enter the terminal, the passenger must show:
1. airline ticket;
2. boarding card (can also be in an electronic form);
3. another document confirming that he / she is entitled to travel by air.

Prior to entering the terminal persons shall be subjected to access control, in order to confirm the purpose for entering the building. Every person shall also have their temperature measured - this applies both to passengers, as well as the employees.

Air carriers should inform passengers that persons with symptoms of coronavirus infection (e.g. elevated body temperature - 38 degrees Celsius and above) that will be identified by the airport services may not be allowed into the airport area and not allowed to travel. According to EASA recommendations, air carriers should ask passengers with symptoms not to arrive at the airport.

In the case of groups of passengers or families who are not obliged to adhere to the principle of maintaining social distance, in the case of one of the persons from these groups with elevated body temperature (temp. 38 degrees C and above) - the whole group is subject to medical verification . At the same time, if one suspects that SARS-CoV-2 virus infection is suspected by airport medical staff at one of these persons, the entire group will be subject to the same medical treatment.

All passengers and persons entering the terminal to settle matters (who are not employees) are required to wear a face mask (or other accessories covering the mouth and nose) from the moment they enter the airport terminal area until they leave the terminal boundaries  and disinfect hands after each from check-in processes. Fluid dispensers have been placed in visible places throughout the terminal.

All users of the Chopin Airport have the duty to react to cases of persons staying within the Airport and not using personal protective equipment. A person who fails to comply with the aforementioned obligation to cover the face or wear a mask shall be reprimanded. In the event of a failure to comply with the duty to properly wear a protective face mask or cover the face (as per the currently applicable law and EASA guidelines), such persons can be removed from the Airport by security or State services.

Airport employees, as part of their duties, can move freely between building's levels (departures, arrivals).

The tunnel passage from the railway station to the terminal is out of service.

Departures – check-in

Allocation of check-in desks is carried out with maximum possible separation. The stands are equipped with special covers limiting the direct contact between personnel and passengers. Queuing or rigging systems ensuring separation are prepared in front of the stands. The number of check-ins depends on the number of passengers planned.

Check-in desks are allocated in all the areas of the terminal to ensure maximum separation.

Baggage dumps will be allocated to check-ins in a way that maximizes the separation between two flights checked in at the same time.

It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport 30 minutes earlier than the standard check-in time provided by the carrier or travel agent.

Security check

The queuing system in front of security checkpoints has also been improved. It has been optimized taking into account the required social distance to ensure adequate separation of 1.5 meters between waiting passengers.

The obligation to cover the nose and mouth is also in force during the security check.

In the case of security controls, security control employees are responsible for ensuring proper queuing in accordance with applicable sanitary and epidemiological principles.

Security control for employees is carried out at staff security control zones, at the departures level - zone AB and zone E.

Departures – transit

The queuing system with horizontal and vertical marking has also been introduced in the restricted zone of the terminal (Schengen and Non-Schengen). Seats with special marks ensuring the required distance between passengers awaiting their flight can be found throughout the entire terminal.

Every second gate will be used for passenger check-in. The boarding and deboarding procedures will also observe the social distancing principle.

The check-ins for a single flight will be conducted in one passenger skywalk (two gates can be used potentially), with no possibility for simultaneous boarding and deboarding in a single skywalk.

Every second Border Control cabins will be used for ID check in departures, as well as arrivals.


Passengers from Schengen directions transported by bus enter the Schengen entrance at level 100 of the terminal or in the case of a contact position, enter the connector at level 300 of the terminal.

Passengers from Non Schengen directions transported by bus enter the Non Schengen entrance at level 100 or in the case of a contact position, enter the connector on level 300 and go through the document check. PPL coordination will ensure the correct separation of passengers in the event of accumulation of arrivals at one time.

Appropriate labelling in the baggage claim hall is to ensure passenger separation at the baggage carousels. Every second carousel will be available.

Marking in the baggage claim area indicates that you should leave the Terminal after all matters have been completed. Two passenger exits in the CD zone and 1 exit in the AB zone have been launched.


All passageways (contact surfaces) will be routinely disinfected at least twice a day, using standard cleaning agents.

The check-in counter and gates will be disinfected after each flight and every time, in the case of Coronavirus infection in a given patient or employee.

The frequency of disinfecting baggage trolleys, and the trays for luggage and personal belongings used during the security check will depend on the volume of passenger traffic at a given security check stand.
Commercial and service outlets

In front of the terminal building at the departures level there are "mask machines" in which you can buy disposable masks and gloves, antibacterial gels.

The list of open restaurants, cafes and shops is under the following link: