2 luggage wrapping points are available in departure hall.
EXCESS BAGGAGE Bag wrap services available in departure hall AB zone (next to check in desk 101-118).

Excess Baggage provides bag wrapping services since 1991 in many airports through out the world, including London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports, plus sites in Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, Budapest, Toronto, Doha. The company also operates multi-service units on rail station concourses in Spain and the UK.

The basic service is 50PLN. Premium services are available offering enhanced liability protection. Further to this, sports equipment can be wrapped for 97PLN. The machine comes equipped with a scales and weighing services are included in the bag wrapping price.

Currently, Excess Baggage are offering a 20% discount on prices, bringing the basic wrap price to 40PLN!

Besides selling luggage, the company offers bag wrapping, baggage storage, domestic and international baggage shipping and airport-city-airport bag delivery. Its diverse range of ancillary services includes airport and airline onboard lost and found, shop and collect services, SIM card sales and concierge services.
  Bag wrap services available in departure hall CDE zone.

Location temporarily closed.