Airport Fire Brigade

The Airport Fire Brigade was established by the Chief Fire Safety Inspector of the Ministry of Transport on 20 July, 1948. In the years 1948–1959, the Airport Fire Brigade operated within the organizational structure of LOT Polish Airlines in co-operation with the Chief Fire Safety Inspectorate.

Upon the establishment in 1959 of the Air Traffic and Civil Airports Authority, the Airport Fire Brigade continued to operate within the structures of the Central Airport. ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise (PPL) was established in 1987 by Act of 23 October, 1987, and since then the Airport Fire Brigade has functioned within the organizational structure of PPL.

The Airport Fire Brigade is a specialised PPL service performing a number of tasks related to the fire safety at Chopin Airport. Its main duty is to participate in the rescue and fire fighting actions carried out within the airport operating area in the case of an aviation accident or fire on airport premises. Among the most important daily tasks of the Airport Fire Brigade are the removal and neutralisation of oil products (such as aircraft fuel spills), protection of refuelled aircraft with passengers on board and implementation of procedures applicable to aircraft movements in reduced visibility. The Airport Fire Brigade is also responsible for continuous monitoring of airport buildings and facilities as well as activities related to fire prevention and safety.

Resources of Warsaw Chopin Airport Fire Brigade
Fire/operating vehicle type Quantity Technical specifications, extinguishing medium
BARRACUDA 6x6 GCBA Pr 12/5,5/250 2
  • water - 12000 dm3,
  • foam compound - 1440dm3
EAGLE GCBAPr 12/5,5/250 3
  • powder - 250 kg
  • discharge - 5500 dm3/min.
EAGLE GCBAPr 5/5,5/150 1
  • water - 5000 dm3, foam compound - 660 dm3
  • powder - 2x75 kg
  • discharge - 5500 dm3/min.
TIGER GCBAPr 9/6,5/250 2
  • water – 2x9000 dm3, foam compound - 2x1080 dm3
  • powder - 2x250kg
  • discharge - 2x6500 dm3/min.
  • water - 600 dm3, foam compound - 80 dm3
  • powder - 250kg
  • CO2 - 2 x 30 kg
  • water - 2000 dm3, foam compound - 240 dm3
  • powder - 135 kg
  • discharge - 1500 dm3/min.
Command and Communication vehicle MERCEDES 1  
Operating vehicle TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1  
Medical container 1 medical aid for 100 casualties
Container with NBC detection, diagnostics and decontamination systems 1  
Disabled aircraft removal system 1 set  
Operating vehicle OPEL 1  
Logistics vehicle OPEL MOLVANO 1  
Truck with hook MERCEDES 1