Short-term P1 and P3 car parks

Use the parking tickets collected on entry to pay for parking at P1 and P3 car parks. Paying-machines are located next to the car parks entrances. The machines accept cash and payment cards.

The rules of use of P1 and P3 car parks at warsaw chopin airport

Parking time Hour multi-storey car park P1 Off-road parking hourly P3
to 30 min. 5,00 PLN 4,00 PLN
from 30 min. - to 1 h 10,00 PLN 8,00 PLN
from 1 to 1,5 h 15,00 PLN 12,00 PLN
from 1,5 to 2 h 20,00 PLN 16,00 PLN
3 h 30,00 PLN 24,00 PLN
Another commenced hour, max to 8 h 10,00 PLN 10,00 PLN
Per day fee 80,00 PLN 74,00 PLN
The fee for each additional commenced day 80,00 PLN 74,00 PLN
* Attention!: The fee for the first day is charged at the time of parking above 8 hours.

Long-term P4 parking

The payment for P4 parking is made at the cashier’s booth upon exit, by cash or payment card.

the rules of use of p4 car park

Parking time Fee
1 day 60,00 PLN
2 two days 90,00 PLN
3 days 120,00 PLN
4 days 130,00 PLN
the fee for each additional commenced day 10,00 PLN

Coach Terminal for individual customers:

Prices for parking at the Coach Terminal (for individual customers) is following:

Fee for parking up to 15 minutes: 8 PLN
Fee for parking from 15 minutes to 1 hour: 24 PLN
Fee for parking for each subsequent hour or part thereof: 24 PLN


Please pay for your ticket at the pay station, before returning to your car.
Please exit the car park within 15 minutes from paying.